Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Looking for a job: I'd rather search for the holy grail

Finding a job is hard work. You work on your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, "personal brand," and online presence. You network like it's going out of style. You apply through a friend of a friend of a friend who knows somebody at your target company. You have a phone interview. You have an in-person interview (that may require travel). You interview with multiple people, perhaps multiple times. You send thank you notes. You finally hear back from the recruiter when they said they'd let you know....





(If you haven't seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, these pictures make no sense to you.)

Fortunately, not being selected for a job doesn't turn you into this guy, but it kind of feels like it, doesn't it? It sucks. It sucks a lot. But you know what? IT DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOU SUCK. If you did the best you could do during the entire process, then it's the company's loss for not hiring you. So you need to dust yourself off and continue your search for your holy grail. Indiana Jones didn't quit. And neither should you. Eventually, you'll find this guy 

You'll select this

And you'll stop the Nazis, save your dad who's been shot, kill the bad guys, and ride off into the sunset.

Ok, maybe not, but at least you'll have a great job that's the right fit for you. 

That's just as good.


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